This perfect weather frequently brings me outside (and as a result it can be more difficult to get work done), so I have a habit of “porching” it these days as much as possible. I was “porching it” on Fellini’s patio, a Pizza joint in Decatur near Candler Park. Children played around the fountain at the center of the patio as my friend and I were making bets with the family at the table next to us on which child would fall in first as they precariously walked around the top of the fountain wall, pacing laps at a brisk pace and ducking and weaving under the table umbrellas occasionally intruding over the path. The warm spring afternoon echoed with the laughter of the kids as parents would occasionally call over to make sure their children weren’t collecting the shiny coins at the bottom. After focusing on the kids and trying to use my mental projections to will a child into the fountain, I noticed something else. There was a family sitting next to me, outside in the clear weather, and their child in a high chair was watching an i-pad. I then looked one table over and saw the same thing, only with more kids. I saw three other kids gathered around two other screens, and I am reminded about how much our world has changed. I could only laugh in amusement. I was both intrigued and a bit disconcerted at the same time—fascinated by the rapid changes coming to the world, yet also thinking that these kids should all be running around the fountain.


We have to make this story—our story intertwined with the gospel—the most beautiful and interesting and thought provoking one on the internet. Luckily, we are not alone. There is constant, thought provoking content on the web and the more we are exposed to it the greater we grow as a  who can make more faithful decisions.

While I may find it a tad ridiculous that we stare at screens all the time, it does seem to be the way of the future, and clearly people are taking in more and more information through this medium. It is truly astounding that with more people on the planet, more people can be more public and have a greater voice than ever. It is truly fascinating. It is up to us to have the zeal to bring interest to all that we work towards in many parts of the coming Kingdom of God.